Haier Refrigeration

Keep the good in your food

Fresh food is packed with nutrients that help you stay healthy. To preserve nutritional value, our refrigerators and freezers create the ideal conditions for storing food. And because flavour depends on freshness, you’ll also find it tastes much better.

Winner, Best French Door Fridge Brand,
Finder Awards, 2021

High-Tech solutions for fresher food

Preserve every food perfectly

What are the ideal conditions for storing food? There isn't just one answer; what works for one food may be unsuitable for another. However, three elements are key when it comes to keeping food fresh: temperature, humidity, and bacterial activity. Haier's FresherTechs refrigeration technology helps you preserve food perfectly by giving you easily accessible control over all three.

Freshness at your fingertips

Haier's FresherTechs is a set of refrigeration technologies designed to make it easy for you to preserve food properly, maintaining its nutritional value, appearance and flavour.

Keep your food fresh in adjustable temperature drawers

Control temperature with MyZone™

Every food has a different ideal storage temperature, which is why Haier invented MyZone™. It's an adjustable temperature drawer, so you can quickly and easily toggle between the compartment's three temperature settings, from -3° to +5 °C, to cater for whatever you're storing. We've done the thinking for you — all you need to do is push a button.

Select your preferred storage environment with Humidity and Dry Zones™

Select your preferred storage environment with Humidity and Dry Zones™

Our HumidityZone™ and DryZone™ drawers create environments with just the right levels of humidity for the foods you need to preserve, keeping things like vegetables from drying out (too little humidity) or dried food and nuts from going stale (too much humidity). The HumidityZone™ maintains the drawer at 90% humidity, while the DryZone™ keeps it below 45%. All you have to do is to choose which drawer best suits what you're storing.

Neutralise bacteria with ABT technology

Neutralise bacteria with ABT technology

Bacteria in your fridge can compromise the freshness of the food you store. That's why Haier's refrigerators feature Anti-Bacterial Treated™ (ABT) technology. Our unique Dynamic ABT™ system uses ultraviolet light to eliminate and neutralise bacteria from the air inside the fridge. This cleaner air helps to maintain food's flavour as well as protecting your family's health.

Lock in nutrients, flavour and appearance for the long term with SuperFreeze

Lock in nutrients, flavour and appearance for the long term with SuperFreeze™

Foods you want to store for longer periods benefit most from being deep frozen. This halts the activity of any bacteria present, preserving food's nutritional content, flavour and appearance. Haier's SuperFreeze™ technology handles the deep freeze process for you. It gets food very cold, very fast – ensuring it stays in prime condition for longer.

Everything at your convenience

Innovative technology has to be intuitive to be useful, which is why we build our fridges and freezers with Haier's EasyTechs. They are a set of features that help you take full advantage of all the clever thinking that's gone into making our refrigeration appliances exceptional.

From freezer to fridge and back again, with SwitchZone™

If you ever find you need more fridge space, you'll love SwitchZone™. This ultra-convenient technology allows you to use a freezer compartment as a fridge. Just select SwitchZone™ on the control panel and the temperature in that compartment changes from -20 ℃ to +5 ℃. As soon as your needs change, you can turn the compartment back into a freezer just as easily.

Cold water on tap

Cold water on tap

Our fridges make getting a glass of refreshing cold water quick and easy with built-in water dispensers. The water dispensers are non-plumbed, so just fill the tank and you're set.

Bright interior lighting

Bright interior lighting

Easily find what you're looking for with the super-bright LED lighting in our fridges. In some models, it even lights up gradually as you open the door, giving your eyes time to adjust during any late-night fridge visits.

Easy access by design

Easy access by design

Our fridge drawers are designed to display what's in them, as well as being easy to open and close. We've also made sure our fridge doors can be opened to 90° for total ease of access.