Haier Laundry

Nothing beats the smell of clean laundry

The way something smells tells us it’s clean. But it’s not just scent – a clean item also feels like it’s been restored towards the state it was in when it was new. Which means as well as removing dirt, you have to ensure that fabrics maintain their condition through wash after wash. We design our laundry appliances to care for fabrics while cleaning and drying them, so they remain at their best for longer.

Winner, Best Rated Clothes Dryer Brand,
Finder Awards, 2021

Quiet, comprehensive fabric care

Better fabric care through innovation

Laundry is an ordinary task that demands extraordinary innovation. Different fabrics require various wash actions, water needs to be heated to precisely the right temperature, and it’s important to avoid the damage caused by over-drying. Our laundry appliances are designed to take care of it all for you, using innovative technologies and wash and dry functions drawn from our research into fabric care. This makes them truly exceptional at performing an essential everyday task.

Direct Motion: Quiet, reliable, energy efficient washing

Our laundry appliances are a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology like the Direct Motion direct drive motor, as well as insightful, useful features working together to deliver excellent fabric care and outstanding cleaning.

Far better without the belt

Far better without the belt

The Direct Motion direct drive motor that powers our flagship washing machines is a step up from conventional noisy and inefficient belt-driven motors. It offers reduced vibration and improved performance, reliability and energy consumption, while also enabling smart features that help deliver better fabric care. Washing machines built around the Direct Motion motor are also quieter than many other models on the market, allowing you to get your laundry done without disturbing the peace.

Ten years of worry-free washing, guaranteed

Ten years of worry-free washing, guaranteed

Washing machine motors have to work pretty hard to deliver clean laundry. Handling items like duvets and towels puts a lot of strain on a motor, but you can be confident your Haier washing machine is up to the task. In fact, we're so proud of how reliable our Direct Motion motor is that we guarantee it for ten years.

Reduced vibration, less noise

Reduced vibration, less noise

Vibration is a major cause of noise, and it also affects the longevity of your machine. Because our Direct Motion Motor contains less moving parts, there's less vibration, making them extremely quiet. It's a great example of Haier's dedication to designing appliances with you in mind.

Special functions for comprehensive fabric care

Special functions for comprehensive fabric care

With our deep knowledge of fabric care, we've created machines that offer a host of special wash functions such as Bedding or Baby Care. These functions use the Direct Motion motor's ability to perform many different wash actions to ensure every fabric gets the treatment it needs to smell, look and feel clean.

Cleaner laundry from a clean machine

Cleaner laundry from a clean machine

Some Haier washing machines come with two forms of hygiene protection: Our Smart Dual Spray System automatically cleans your machine after every wash, and an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) prevents mould and bacteria in the detergent drawer and around the door porthole. This ensures a more hygienic clean for your clothes and also improves the durability of your machine.