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Care for
every fabric

Delivering beautiful care for your fabrics at home, Haier's washing machines and dryers offer a range of specialised cycles designed for different fabric types. And with convenient modifiers and smart control, Haier helps you to simplify your everyday laundry routine.

Winner, Best Rated Clothes Dryer Brand, Finder Awards, 2021 & 2022

Innovations for gentle laundry

Washing and drying at high temperatures can cause avoidable damage to your fabrics over time. That's why Haier has developed a range of innovations for gentle, hygienic and convenient washing and drying at lower temperatures, helping to keep your clothes at their best for longer.

Made to match

Offering complementary cycles, our washing machines and dryers are designed to look great together. And with white and dark finishes available, you can find a Haier washer dryer combo to suit your laundry.

Advanced hygiene with UV Protect

Our UV Protect wash modifier uses sanitising ultraviolet light to kill more than 99.99% of bacteria.* Helping you keep your fabrics hygienic, UV Protect works at low wash temperatures for gentle care.

*Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Durable cycle + UV Sanitise wash option.

A woman folding a dress shirt in her laundry room

The benefits of steam

Quickly freshen up clothes to wear again using the Refresh steam cycle in our washing machines and dryers. Gently deodorising and removing creases, Refresh is suitable for a wide range of fabrics. And because it uses minimal water and energy, it's a more sustainable alternative to a full wash and dry.

Smart control

It's even easier to manage your laundry with Wi-Fi enabled control. Connect to your smart appliances and control them through the SmartHQ™ app on your phone or tablet. View status updates, receive notifications and control your appliances from anywhere.

Close up of a pastel yellow garment

Efficient heat pump drying

Using energy efficiently, Haier's heat pump dryers work at low temperatures to dry your fabrics gently and effectively without releasing moisture into your home. And with dedicated cycles for different fabrics, you can even dry delicate fabrics like synthetics and wool.

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Made to care

With dedicated cycles for different needs, our laundry appliances are designed with your health in mind. From Allergy cycles that target mites, to our Sanitise wash and dry options that help to kill 99.9% of bacteria,** Haier makes it easy to care for your whole household.

**Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Cotton cycle + Sanitise wash/dry option.

Sustainably minded

Many of our washing machines and dryers have features designed to help you save energy and water. For instance, our Eco wash option reduces energy usage by up to 44% and water use by over 25 litres per load on the Cotton cycle.

Intelligent features

Ensuring simple and effective washing and drying, Haier laundry appliances are designed with clever features for your everyday convenience.

Using the +Garment feature


Easily add or remove a forgotten item once your wash cycle has started. The +Garment feature on our front loader washing machines gives you convenient access for all kinds of last-minute scenarios.

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Smart Dosing

Our washing machines with Smart Dosing automatically deliver the right amount of laundry detergent based on your load and wash cycle, helping to minimise detergent waste and residue on your clothes.

Shoes placed on a drying rack within a front load washing machine

Rack Dry

Designed for items that cannot be tumbled, the Rack Dry cycle lets you easily dry shoes, hats, jumpers and delicates on a specially designed rack that fits in the drum.

Direct drive inverter motor

Direct Motion top loaders

Bringing a new level of confidence to your wash, our flagship top loader washing machines feature Direct Motion, a direct drive inverter motor. Engineered with fewer moving parts to reduce vibration, noise, energy consumption, and wear and tear, our Direct Motion top loaders are designed to deliver reliable performance over time.

Haier 10kg Top Loader Model HWT10AN1 with an open lid

Considered design

Our top loader washing machines are designed to care for you and your fabrics wash after wash. A pulsating wash action and pillow drum help to reduce tangling and abrasion. And the upright top loader design means less bending down to load, with a soft-close lid for effortless handling.

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Seamless Wash-to-Dry Solution

Haier’s range of innovative combi appliances offer smart washing and efficient drying with a compact footprint. Designed for small spaces without sacrificing performance, these all-in-one appliances boast smart technologies to simplify your laundry routine without the fuss. Perfect for compact spaces and busy lives.

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