Haier Dishwashing

Clean dishes
made simple

Create more time for the things that matter in life. Haier dishwashers streamline the washing up with generous capacity, flexible loading and innovative technologies, for beautifully clean results without endless rinsing and scrubbing.

Smarter dishwashing

Designed to make life easier, Haier's dishwashing innovations help you clean your dishes gently and thoroughly, using the right amount of water and energy. With Auto Wash sensing to determine how dirty your dishes are, a triple filtration system and effective drying, you can enjoy sparkling clean dishes every time.

Contemporary look

Choose from our range of colour options for a sleek finish in your kitchen. Our freestanding dishwashers can be installed under your benchtop, or stand alone, to suit any space.

Smart control

With Wi-Fi capability, you can easily control your dishwasher remotely using the SmartHQ™ app and receive helpful alerts.

Auto Wash sensing

Effortless and smart, our Auto Wash program senses how dirty your dishes are to select the ideal wash cycle. By customising the wash to your load, you can avoid unnecessary water and energy use, helping to make your everyday dishwashing more sustainable.

Clean hygienically

Our Hygiene wash program is designed to sanitise your dishes, rinsing at a high temperature that helps to kill 99.9% of bacteria.* Plus, a built-in anti-bacterial treatment helps you maintain a healthy wash environment.

*Independently tested to eliminate more than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli using the Hygiene wash program.

Targeted wash programs

Whether you're washing a few delicate items or a whole pile of dishes, Haier has a range of wash programs designed for different needs, making it easy to achieve spotless results.

close up of clean dishes

Steam sanitise

Our Steam wash modifier can be added on any cycle to gently break down oil and grime. The Steam modifier and Hygiene wash program are both designed to sanitise your dishes.

sparkling clean wine glass


Protect your favourite crockery and glassware with a gentle cycle that is designed specifically for delicate items.

Steam coming out of a dishwasher

Advanced drying

For effective drying, the dishwasher door automatically opens at the end of the cycle to help remove excess moisture. Add the +Dry modifier on any cycle for an enhanced dry.

Flexible loading

With spacious capacity and foldable racking, you can easily fit all your dirty dishes in one load. A height-adjustable upper basket lets you create room for taller dishes in the lower basket.

Water efficiency

Our dishwashers are designed with water efficiency and economical use in mind, featuring WELS water consumption ratings up to 5 stars.

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Quiet performance

Don't let dishwashing get in the way of your evening wind down. Our dishwashers are designed to function quietly, with noise ratings as low as 48 dBA.