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To save you time, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below.

You’ll find the user manual for your appliance on its product detail page on this website. Go to the product’s page and scroll to the “Resources” section to access it.

To find the spare parts manual for your appliance, go to our parts manual search and enter your appliance model number. You’ll find this on the serial number label.

Just go to our Resources page and put in some information about your appliance to find its serial number.

The fastest way to get help is by using our live chat. Please click on the “Live Chat” icon. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Care Centre by calling 1300 729 948. It’s open 24/7.

Please phone us on 1300 729 948 to get parts and accessories delivered to your door.


Here are some helpful troubleshooting tips for your product


Try separating out larger items from smaller items.

Try washing smaller load sizes.

Try shaking out laundry items before putting them into the washing machine and load as loose parcels.


Try reducing water level. Washing with too much water can cause the clothes to tangle around one another.

Incorrect cycle for load type selected

Gentler cycles can help reduce tangling. Try using the DELICATE (if applicable) cycle if necessary.

Wash sheets on their own using the DUVET or HEAVY (if applicable) cycle.

Wash load not balanced

Load items loosely and individually into the washer (ie not folded). Ensure items are spread evenly.

Delicate items

Wash delicate items (e.g. pantyhose, bras) in a mesh laundry bag.

Wash your most valued items on the DELICATE (if applicable) cycle.

Temperature control – fridge

Try lowering the temperature using the internal display panel inside the fridge section.

Food quantity

If you have recently placed a large amount of food in the fridge, keep the door closed and give it time to return to temperature. Make sure that no food has been placed in front of the air outlets at the back of the fridge, as this will inhibit air flow into the compartment.

Door seals

Check the seals around the internal edge of the door/drawer for wear and tear. If they need to be replaced, contact our Customer Care team.

Remove ice from inner walls

Try removing ice with a plastic or wooden scraper.


Try turning your freezer OFF at the power supply. Put a towel down on the floor to protect your floor from any water damage. Once defrost is complete turn power supply back ON and wait for freezer to get back to temperature (this may take up to two hours).

Oven not properly preheated

Put the food in the oven only when the temperature indicator light has gone out.

Incorrect function, bakeware, cooking time, or shelf position.

See recommendations in your user guide.

Element failed

It is possible the oven element has failed. You will need a service technician to assist with this.

Electronics issue

There may be an electronic issue. You will need a service technician to assist with this.