Meet James Harrison

We’ve named our W790 Series after James Harrison, an unsung Aussie hero. Way back in 1854 he invented the refrigerator; the marvellous machine that is responsible for every frosty beer, frozen ice block and chilled prawn ever consumed in this heat stricken country.

It's time James got the recognition he deserves, because without his genius creation 163 years ago, who knows what warm atrocities we’d be subjected to today.

But we've come a long way since then, and we demand a lot more from our fridge. So here at Haier, we did our research and made a fridge for Australia. It’s the ultimate Aussie fridge, designed around your needs. What makes it so special? Just have a look below...

W790 Series – We call it James


MyZone variable temp drawer

MyZone variable temperature drawer

Customise the temperature in this compartment to suit whatever you put in it. Just choose the appropriate setting - whether you like your craft beer chilled between 2 & 4 degrees, or you’ve got some steaks stashed for the weekend at 0 degrees.

Super freeze technology

Super freeze technology

Freeze fresh food fast and make sure your icey poles are brain-achingly cold this summer.

French door style

French door style

Ooh la la. The French door option allows for wider shelves for bigger items. Pick a style from the W790 series that suits your life.

Reversible door flexibility

Reversible door flexibility

Your kitchen, your rules. Pick James in the style that suits you.

Overall storage distribution

We’ve researched what Aussies keep in their fridge and made sure that James offers the most suitable solutions. Adjustable shelving options let you customise your fridge your way.

Exterior dimensions

We’ve made James the perfect size, able to fit the majority of cavity sizes in Australia. Just right for most Aussie homes, with more than enough room inside.

Exterior Digital Display

Technology James Harrison could only have dreamed of! This handy display lets you know the temperature settings in different areas of the fridge, without even opening the door.

Humidity control system

James will keep things crisp with storage bins that reduce moisture loss in your favourite foods.

4 star energy rating

4 star energy rating

James also cares about the environment, with a great energy rating

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