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Air quality can make a big difference to how comfortable you feel in a room. Regardless of the temperature outside, you want the air inside your home to be fresh, warm when it’s cold outside, and cool when it’s a scorching hot day. Our smart air conditioners are designed to make it easy for you to create comfort in any room. And they’re self-cleaning, so they only ever put out fresh, clean air.

Smart, connected, air conditioning

Comfort made

When it comes to creating a comfortable environment, it’s important that it’s quick and easy to do. The less time spent waiting for the perfect temperature, the better. That’s why Haier’s air conditioners are designed with smart features that create comfort quickly, as soon as you enter the room – or can even begin heating or cooling when you’re not home yet thanks to WIFI connectivity.

Controlled from anywhere

Set your ideal air temperature at home from anywhere, at any time, with WIFI connectivity and your app. You can also communicate with your Haier air conditioner through all major smart speaker products, such as the Google Home Wireless Hub, giving you full control of your home environment.

Eco sensor

Energy efficiency with eco sensor

Armed with a motion sensor, your Haier air conditioner knows when people are in the room so it can be the most efficient at the right time. When there’s no one in the room, it will switch into ECO Energy Saving mode after 20 minutes, for greater energy efficiency.

keep the room at the ideal temperature

Sleep mode for a restful night

Sleep mode knows just what temperature you need for a great night’s sleep. Set your Haier air conditioner to either heat or cool, and it will consistently raise, lower or maintain the temperature during the night to keep the room at the ideal temperature.

Self Clean Function

Fresh air, every day

Haier air conditioners automatically activate their Self Clean Function when needed, ensuring every breath you take is free of dust and bacteria.

Intelligent air flow

Intelligent air flow

When you need your home cooled, your air conditioner directs the cool air upwards for maximum effect. And when it’s time to heat, the warm air is directed downwards from where it will rise to make the whole room toasty.